CJ is a founding member of The Offramps - together with Phil Strack, The Offramps started playing music in late 2014 and have been at it ever since. Having found the love of guitar listening to U2 in the 80's, CJ has a vast variety of guitar tones that helps The Offramp's with their disperse musical genres. Most recently, CJ has delved deep into Christian Rock and is the Worship Band leader of Faith Is Alive out of Reading Mass. You can also find CJ filling in with various acts as a substitute. 


Creating and performing music for over 40 years, Phil is a founding member of The Offramps with a deep passion for playing, writing, performing, and recording music. A veteran of the Boston music community from the early to mid 80’s, he worked, supported, and played with a variety of original bands, absorbing much of the diverse musical output from the many great Boston acts that have come and gone, while honing his playing and performing skills. 

As time progressed, he became somewhat proficient on a variety of instruments, and gained additional knowledge and experience in live sound and recording, while continuing to write original material. In the early 2000’s, he sought to achieve some other personal life goals with less of a focus on music, but it didn’t take long for the urge to return. For the past several years, Phil has been (and is) involved in a variety of live projects performing mostly covers while continuing to work on original material for some potential future recording projects.


Lori has always loved to sing. She started singing in bands later in life after she was asked to join a band during a night of karaoke.  She later became the lead singer in a band called "Check 1-2" singing mostly classic rock.  Missing her love of country and pop music, she joined The Offramps in March of 2020 and has been having a blast. "I think music is so incredibly strong.  It can trigger memories, bring you peace, brighten your day, inspire you, get you moving and so much more. I LOVE being part of that journey and I love pushing myself to sing a variety of genres. My motivation is seeing the happiness and fun from the crowd. There's nothing like it!" ~Lori


Mike began his musical journey playing piano in grade school and after watching his brother play the drums, his interest moved towards the drums. He played more in college and  after college he bought a drum set and continued to play. He joined a workshop at Jamspot and was instantly hooked playing with other musicians. He begin to play at Open Mics and thought the feeling of playing drums in front of an audience was amazing. He began going out to watch The Offramps and was asked several times to play with them. Pretty soon he became a member of The Offramps and as Mike puts it "It's been awesome!"


 Alan is our shredder! He has been playing guitar since he was in Junior High School in and around the Boston area. He brought his love of playing to college as he majored in music and sound recording at the University of Lowell. Other than his love for playing, he has always loved the camaraderie of being in a band and the joy that comes from entertaining an audience.